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1410186 Mythological Novels 2.0 2
Description English Description The Chinese mythological novels began in the periods of Wei Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, and South-North Dynasty, reaching the noontide in Ming and Ching, when various types of stories-uncanny, vampire-like, fairy, fox-personalized, rawheaded-are all found. Novels are traditionally classified as 'trivial,' which are never considered to be orthodox. Mythological novels, moreover, are the most trivial of all--the type of the eerieness, the violence, the illogical nonsense and the superstition that are never mentioned by the Confusionism. But during the Ming and Ching periods, there also exit some great writers working for the mythological novels, Xiao-Lan Ji being the most distinguished example. This course mainly discusses various types of mythological novels (mostly taken from Biji Xiaoshuo Daguan (literally Anthropology of Notebook Novels). Through the reading of the same category of novels, we investigate the spirits hidden behind, the author's motivation t