Course Description

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1410183 Famous Figures in the Chinese History 2.0 2
Description People are the core of civilization. People are also the power to drive historical development. Making comments on well-known figures is one of the greatest features available in the cultural history of the Medieval times. The styles and the approaches, as are used to make critical comments, do reflect the thoughts, value, belief, aesthetics and standards of evaluating elites in the society at that period of time. The course is designed to make comments mainly on the well-known figures in the Medieval times, inclusive of some modern historical figures, in the hope that the students might catch on for clearer ideas on the standards and value at a certain era. The course is also designed to help the students to think twice about the question: How can human beings learn from the past lessons and set up a proper position for themselves? Some topics for class discussion include:1. Prior to Han Dynasty: the period when "Virtues" play the key role in the society;2. Han Dynasty: How can we eva