Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410182 Applied Literature 2.0 2
Description Applied Literature--quite different from the traditional forms of writing for the sake of pragmatic occasions-is a brand-new course with literature completely merged into life. The course is designed to grant the students with a modern point of views-more positive, healthier and more creative. The students are thus encouraged to make full use of their imagination and innovative ideas to express and even promote themselves by way of proper wording in the documentations, letters and cards. A warmer human relationship can be set up this way. Weekly in-class writing is required, which contains no more than 200 characters. The revised edition of the homework will be sent back to the class the following week. Any good pieces of work will be highly praised in public. It is an interesting course; besides, it will help to stimulate the potentials, to express sense of humor and to upgrade the everyday life quality. The course will prove to help the students to learn how to relax and how to fully