Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410181 Depicted Femininity 2.0 2
Description This course is designed to look into the aspects of femininity as is described in the literary works: on the one hand, we try to understand how "role expectation on females" goes on and on through the description by male writers; on the other hand, we try to organize, through rules of analysis and inference, principles as well as mental factors. The course requires a lot of reading materials: poems in their various forms, prose, legends and novels while each student group still need to have both oral and written presentation. As the class units go one by one, some of the modern theories and principles on the feminism are presented in class in order to widen the different views of gender difference in the minds of the students. The ultimate goal is so set to stimulate the real meaning that lies behind the equal education for both genders.