Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410180 Legendary Stories of the Tangnese 2.0 2
Description Novels come out of the world relatively later than any other forms in the Chinese history of literature. The note-taking novels-absolutely unlike what is implied by the name novel--in the period of Liuchao (literally meaning six dynasties), are no more than pieces of legendary stories; they are raw materials of real novels, though. The real novel-with good plot arrangement and full description of characters in question, for example-never show up until the Tang Dynasty. The novels in the Tang Dynasty is often referred as "Legendary Stories of the Tangese" as far as Chinese literature is concerned. This course discusses the background information of how the legendary stories of the Tangese come into being as well as the most typical works at that time. Further literary techniques on how to compose stories of this kind will also be presented in class in the hope that the students would build a good foundation in their future years of creative writing.