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1410178 His-atuobiographical Literature 2.0 2
Description The his-atuobiographical writing has an extremely significant role to play in the field of history and literature as well. Zuozhuan is a great volume which serves to make interpretation on classic writing. In Zuozhuan, the description and evaluation of the historical figures has given great insights to the later historians. But the persistent style of how to record historical events and figures are not fixed up until Shiji comes to the world. A genuine, true and worthy recording of history not only helps to save us the precious historical information from getting lost but it also leaves a lot of moral lessons for us to learn.The descriptive approaches adopted in Shiji have set a good example for the documental writing concerning formal history. Some later history-recording books such as Hanshu, Houhanshu(literally meaning the book of Han Dynasty, the second half), Sanguozhi (literally meaning the history of the three kingdoms), though following the steps and techniques available in Shi