Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410174 Factors and Political Changes in Taiwan 2.0 2
Description Factions, a small-group phenomenon existing widely in human society, have been an important political phenomenon in the transforming of our society. Interactions within factions, among factions, and between factions and state organizations-these have made great impact on Taiwan's political development and changes. This course serves several purposes: providing socio-political issues that are of relevance and interest to students; facilitating students becoming more aware of the ecological environment of the political and social systems involving them; developing their ability to make appropriate decisions about which political party to support or vote for. Moreover, the instructor hopes that this course will have a share in contributing to the establishment of a citizen-society foundation essential for the construction of democracy and rule of law The topics that this course is concerned with contain the following: concepts concerning factions; the factors leading to their format