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1410172 An exploration of the place-names in Taiwan 2.0 2
Description The place-names in Taiwan not only tell us the forms of the land, and the superficies of the ground, but also reveals the special geographical phenomena, and much further, the hardship and legendary of our ancestors.The name "Taiwan" could be evolved from the slang - "bury the grievance" or "bury it all" in Taiwanese. Some places have merciless names such as "thrash the dog", "thrash the cat". What is the reason that Keelung was ever called "chicken cage"? We can find many places were named with "deer" in Taiwan, but we cannot see any deer in some of these places today. I believe that it will be very difficult to convince our people that BeiGang (north port) is in the South and NanGang (south port) is in the NorthˇIAltogether, the stories of the place-names in Taiwan are countless and in variety, some of them are knowledgeable, and some are amusing; there are also some from the literature, and some are from legend. The main idea of this course is to help us looking into how various