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1410161 Philosophy of Confucius 2.0 2
Description Without Confucius, there has been no Confucianism. Without Confucianism, there has no what is called Chinese culture. It goes without saying that the question has become the most essential part of the Chinese culture: How to deal with the problems in life. Thereafter, if we want to know what the Chinese civilization is, we have no choice but to know the life philosophy of the Chinese. If we want to know what the life philosophy of the Chinese is, we need to know the Confucian-style life philosophy. And there is no way to have access to the understanding the Confucian-style life philosophy if we don't know what life philosophy in the man-Confucius. The whole truth is: The life philosophy in the mind of Confucius is completely realized in his words and behaviors. Thereafter, we have no other ways to know the life philosophy of Confucius but to properly know the man first.