Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410144 Biology and Biotechnology 2.0 2
Description This course aims that the completion of human genome project will build up the prosperity of biotechnology industry. Enormous progress and propounding impacts from biotechnology will influence our future life. This class will focus on the latest developments of biology and interpret the tendency of biotechnology.The contents of this course include: 1.human embryonic stem cellĦB2.agingĦB3.CancerĦB4.programmed cell deathĦB5.Genetic diseasesĦB6.Transgene and gene knock outĦB7.Heman genome projectĦB8.Gene therapyĦB9.Heman cloningĦB10.Genetic modified foodĦB11.BiochipsĦB12.Immune System and VaccineĦB13.Bioartificial organĦB14.Structural Biology and PharmaceuticsĦB15.Future Prospect.Teaching method: Lecture, discussion.