Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410138 Introduction to Chinese Jade Culture 2.0 2
Description Chinese jade has long been regarded by Confucianists as the symbol of gentlemen, enjoying a highly respected status. Through the study on the shape, the incised decoration and the function of the jade, we can understand the primitive religion and the ritual life in the Three Dynasties, as well as the witchcrafts practiced since Eastern Chou. As an art form, the jade is a concrete object, but in effect it embodies the spiritual life of people, enriching and reflecting the metaphysical aspects of culture, which serves as a starting point for exploring aesthetic concepts. This course aims to integrate authropological and cultural aesthetic perspectives. With the assistance of the recently unearthed jade, the emphasis is put on ancient people's idea of jade and their usage of it. It is hoped to guide students to conceptualize the spiritual life of ancient people and further realize that objects are the things which motivate our creativity, inspire our imagination.