Course Description

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1410137 Modern History of China 2.0 2
Description The complete defeat of Ching Dynasty in the Opium War initiates tremendous changes that have never been discovered in the three-thousand-year history of China. The subsequent military defeats after the War also lead to a series of arrogation of land, monetary reparations and even the yield of sovereignty. The unequalized treaties cause a great damage to the wholeness of the land of China and the national sovereignty. During the period, some of the pioneering statesmen work to advocate the westernized campaigns and to renew the old political systems in the hope that Ching administration could cope with whatever crises that might arise, but unfortunately, the reformation does not go as successfully as is expected due to the objection from the conservative circles. As the bugle of revolution vibrates, Ching Dynasty thus disintegrates soon. The course mainly discusses significant events, their causes and subsequent effects, the history of Taiwan also included so that the students would fur