Course Description

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1410132 Selected readings of Erleen Chang's Novels 2.0 2
Description Erleen Chang, according to the eminent professor of Chinese Modern Novel, C. T.Shia's remarks,"was the most outstanding and influential writer in the history of Chinese Literature. Her accomplishment in short novels could match with that of the American literary giants,Katherine Mansfield and Anna Porter;she even outstripped them in some ways." Although Prof. Shia's favorable comments on Erleen Chang did not produce a unanimous Agreement; however, indubitably, Ms. Chang really excelled in using her exquisite perception and imperturbable depiction to penetrate the dark Side of human beings,which naturally created an enchanting style. In This class, students' participant discussions are required with a view to making a detailed exploration of Erleen Chang's remarkable skills are expectably developed and improved by way of adequate discussions, and Their comprehension and appreciation of literary works will by further fostered.