Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410129 Modern Taiwan:Important Figures & Events 2.0 2
Description Never has Taiwan experienced so big changes in politics, social structures, economics and cultural movements as in the last century. In Ching Dynasty, the Westernized power entered and the Ching court initiated innovative campaigns to work against; then Taiwan under the colonial rule by Japan, modernization and colonialism changes Taiwan a lot ; in past half century KMT's rule has advanced such great deal in the fields of economic development, democracy and education as to stand among the developed countries. Though it is the collective efforts of the Taiwanese people that contribute to the alteration and development, there exist some of the outstanding figures in various fields, who might receive positive as well as negative comments from the historians and who might initiate a controversy concerning their contribution. This course explores the most influential individuals and the events that happen around, in the hope to understand the interaction between each of them and the groups