Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410128 Historical Sites in Taiwan 2.0 2
Description Historical sites are the concrete structures, left behind by the historical development of human beings. They are genuine witnesses of history and the cultural tracks as well. In the history of Taiwan, quite a few historical sites built in different phases remain existent: from the early aboriginal society via the big migration of the Hans to the various periods of sovereignty since 17th century. The sites turn out to be important evidence of cultural growth, the easiest access to the understanding of Taiwanese history and culture. A thorough explore into the historical sites helps a lot to broaden our knowledge in the conventional architectures, arts, folklore and cultural objects. This course also helps us to realize the hardships of life our forefathers encounter and the wisdom they acquire, in the hope to grow a better sense to treasure the past culture and the objects available to them.