Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410110 Tea and Literature 2.0 2
Description This course aims at first making students acquainted with literature concerning tea by which a better understanding of tea personalities and anecdotes will be obtained and secondly, cultivating students' appreciation of a great variety of tea and cultural artifacts linking with tea by which interests in tea art will be kindled. Having been a luscious beverage brewed for some 3,000 years of Chinese history, tea now has a deep and far-reaching impact on the world. Since making tea illustrates the character of art and affords the delight of life, tea therefore build a bridge among all walks of life. Making tea, combined with Taoist School and Buddhist Meditation, at its uiumate attainment, is both an enjoyment and an artistic summation. The search for tea is a dual process of understanding tea's flavor as well as the thought with it.