Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410107 Sketch(I) 2.0 2
Description Sketch is the base of painting. The product design and concept of beauty must be expressed; otherwise, it will become only a talk.Contents:1.Pencil practicing: lining, chiaroscuro, cubism, lighting, etc.2.Square ware practicing: controlling the cubism styling with a horizontal movement, also, expressing chiaroscuro, etc.3.Cylinder practicing: drawing beverage can with the sense of its quality, detail, and picture.4.Round object practicing: styling, quality, quantity, luster; also, drawing fruit, such as, apple, orange, etc.5.Multiple-shape practicing: such as, pin cines, shell, falling leaves with the sense of styling, quality, lighting, etc.The course is to train students who have are inexperienced to sketch with the ability of patient, detailing, and observation.