Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410106 Media and Society 2.0 2
Description With the advancement of technology, mass communication is enlarging its influence in human society. According to researches, the thoughts, attitudes and value judgements of humans are deeply affected by mass communication. The media not only shape persons' thoughts, but also have an impact on their behavior and values. Since mass communication has positive and negative social functions at the same time, its development and process are therefore worthy of paying much attention and exploration to us. This course includes the study of the theory and practice of mass communication, such as characteristics and elements functions and effects, as well as the theory of the news gatekeepers. It also uses stories to analyze disputed issues, for example, news objectivism, freedom of the press and national security, and media and election. Learning this course, students will be not only capable of cultivating the ability to read a news correctl