Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410092 The Science of Earth 2.0 2
Description 1.Knowing the Earth and the science of Earth(1)The importance of knowing earth--its experiential and scientific role(2)Scientists of Earth and the knowlege of earth.(3)The structure of earth.2.The organic relation between earth and galaxy (4)The formation of universe and Big-Bang.(5)The earth and Milky Way Galaxy.(6)The dynamic system of the earth.3.The lithosphere and the horizen of human habitat(7)The inner dynamic system of the earth and the crust change.(8)The formation and characteristic of the lithosphere:from geology to geomorphology.(9)The relation of the lithosphere,continental plate, and human activities.4.The hydrosphere,the atmosphere and the dynamic of the physical environment.(10)The interaction between water, air and land.(11)The hydrologic cycle and the outer dynamic system.(12)The air movement and the weather change.5.Knowing the nature of earth.(13)The earth as a living place for mankind.(14)Restriction and maintance: the harmonious relations between men and nature.