Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410080 Chinese Calligraphy Appreciation 2.0 2
Description Chinese characters are unique. Every single character has its own construction as far as word form, phonology and semantics are concerned. All individual character is unique, with different structure in spite of the slight correlation in forms. When it comes to their usage, it is difficult to specify them in a unified manner. But on the other hand, this dissimilitude is what makes calligraphy a type of ART. The TI (literally writing forms) in different ages are different due to the different subjective and objective factors. All of the writing forms of Jia-Gu (literally turtle shells), Kai, Li, and even the modern Ming and Fang-Song (literally simulated Song) have origins of their own, which the educated people are supposed to know something about. Calligraphy to literary works is like the outfit to a person, which exposes the person's inner temperament. By a person's literary work and his calligraphy, we know not only his calligraphic skill, but also his personality.