Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410071 Career Development and Choice 2.0 2
Description In face of a new century with continuous scientific development and rapid social changes, to learn one single professional skill is not enough to fulfill a meaningful life in a harmonic and satisfactory manner. In view of this, based on the theory and research of career development and consultation in association with the development of students, it is hoped to produce a meaningful linking between their professional knowledge and job and life planning through the course of eucation, and further to provide them a preparation and guide for short and long-range career development and choice. The contents of the course include the discussion and exercise related to major career topics such as introduction to the concept of career, the discussion of interest, character and value, decisive factors of career, skills of career, role adjustment in career, career choice and planning skill, career interview, uphill adjustment in career, adjustment in transit period, sex and occupation.