Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1410046 Health and Life 2.0 2
Description This subject is to cultivate the students to be full of health knowlodge and to lead them have healthy and happy lives, For getting this object this course offers the students with four arear of knowledge. First, the introduction:including meaning of life, significacne of health, know oneself's body. Second, the ways for getting physical health including food and types of nutrients, determining desirable weight, principles of exercise programs, learning a life-long Kun fu, medical use of drugs. Third, the ways for getting mental health:including good development of personality, management of emotion, good interpersoal relationship, healthful sexuality, happy family life, coming to terms with aging and death. Fourth, healthful environment:including physical, chemical and biological environment, professional, socia and leisured lives of suitability. For most effective learning, the metho of video, discuss and indivdual practice teaching are as well used as the lecture.