Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1400209 Classics & Thinking 2.0 2
Description Ancient classics-a culturally significant mark for people in every part of the world--are an important heritage for all human civilization as well as for each of the individual ethnic groups that owns them. In Eastern and Western world, there exist a diversity of classics in all fields of activities. Classics are highly recommended just because they point out eternal ideas to follow and they are considered the starting point to think about. The value of Classics increases as they break through the limit of space and time. This course teaches the students how to read important Classics so that the learners--as they know better ways to study and do research on Classics-will go into the deeper parts of the Classics more systematically. By studying classics where universal implications are available, we are able to take advantage of the commonly acknowledged principles to build up the fundamentally communicative paths with other people. Besides, since the prophetic visions are omnipresen