Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1400034 Vocabulary and Reading I 0.0 2
Description This course aims to help the learners at elementary level develop reading and vocabulary skills that could enhance their comprehension of daily life environment in English. The framework of this course is designed as follows: 1.The course instructor offers intensive and extensive approaches to vocabulary and reading. 2.The textbook is edited and compiled by the course instructor in order to provide a wide range of engaging topics for practical use. 3.This course aims to help students build up vocabulary and reading skills with a full range of activities. 4.This course is designed to help students enhance grammar knowledge and improve reading speed as well as reading comprehension. 5.The in-class activities will help students read with purpose by using effective reading strategies. 6.Individual practice is designed to help students develop in-depth thinking skills. Classroom discussion and pair and/or group work are designed to help each student express oneself confidently and res