Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1400001 The Thought of Dr.Sun Yat-Sen 4.0 4
Description The scholarly ideas available in the Thoughts of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen refer to the basic nature in the various periods--ancient and modern, domestic and foreign. The Thoughts of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen is the best collections of the related elements. The course discusses the principles founded by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, his scholarly thoughts being covered, and the requirements of national development as well. The students will review the topics of humanity: ethics, politics, economics, society and philosophy of life to broaden their vistas in social science in the hope that they will add on better recognition of the people around and the country they belong to and advance cultural disposition. With the international views widely improved and life meaning magnificently extended, they will be more likely to become the future of the country.