Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
1101007 All-Out Defense Education 0.0 1
Description In order to meet the requirement of Act of All-Out Defense Education that put into action in February 2006, the curriculum of All-Out Defense Education Military Training planned by Ministry of Education is divided into five sections: International Situations, National Defense Policies, Civil Defense, Defense Mobilization, and Military Technology. In International Situations, the object is to cultivate students’ broader international perspectives through discussing Asian-Pacific regional security and the development of cross-strait relation. In Civil Defense, the object is to make students aware that national defense affairs are closely related to their daily life. In Defense Mobilization, the object is to let students recognize their roles in all-out defense mobilization system. In Defense Technology, the main object is to let students overview the development of weapon systems, and understand the current development of the nation’s defense technology and defense industry.