Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
0463002 Practicum 2.0 4
Description The object of this course is to lead the students to know how to be a good instructor with good instructional methods and skills learned from this course. For achieving this goal, this course presents the students with basic theories of instructions, makes them study from demonstration in high school and among themselves, directs them to practices the making of inst4ucting plans. After finishing this course, the students should have learned how to make sure of the standard of the subjects they are going to teach; how to prepare, analyze and skillfully use the teaching material, how to make and skillfully use the instructing plans, how to actively use instructing methods and skills, how to will know and use the school or class rules, how to design and assign exercise, how to evaluate instruction and learning. As a result, they must become good teachers in the future.