Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
0462007 Education of Working with Parents and Families 2.0 2
Description The idea "where there are good parents, there are good children" is being concerned by people in this time the juvenile problems are getting serious. It*s true that most parents are intended to be good ones, but most time they don*t know how to do. The object of this subject is to teach students that before they are to be parents, they must make sure of the factors which parents influence their children, the characteristics of their children*s and learn the parent education pattern of H.Ginotte, T. Gordon, R. Dreikurs, behaviorism, reality therapy, transactional analysis and family therapy. They will be likely to find that they can easily learn the ways of being good parents from the offerings this course give. As to the teachers, in addition to teach these knowledge to their students, they can research and find the family causes of their maladjusted students from this course study, and make the further guiding and educating.