Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
0462006 Principle and Application of Counseling 2.0 2
Description When teaching, the teachers should keep in mind the duty to guide their students to overcome the frustration or to solve the difficult problems as to nurture the students to be healthy, positive, with their own abilities to overcome difficulties and to be apt to their environment. The object of this subject is to help the students with the willingness to be teachers get the knowledge and abilities of guidance on their teaching in the future, and develop their willingness and interests of guidance. This course presents the students with the units including to understand the symptom of adolescent frustration, the method of person-center approach, the method of rational-emotive therapy, the method of cognitive guidance the method of transactional analysis guidance the method of transactional analysis guidance, the method of behavior guidance. In addition, this course also introduces many practical cases so that the students can more effectively study the relative theories.